Monday, June 19, 2017

Solar & Wind Power

Installed the Wind Bugger 216 watts, a Kyocera 80 watt, and two Grape 100 watt flexible solar panels.  Flexcharge NC25A-12 is the controller I choose, but I cannot run the Wind Bugger at the same time as the solar panels, without possibly exceeding the Flexcharge 25 amp capability.  Already time to upgrade.  I need to calculate the number of years break even point, probably at least 8 or more.  The excess power from the divert goes to the hot water.

Dinghy rubber repair

Tammy re-glued the rubber for the gas tank flooring, and both registration numbers; they were peeling up.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Safety Netting

Tammy installed the netting around the lifelines to keep us from dropping stuff overboard and added some extra safety for the grandsons to sail with us.  Really turned out very nice!

AIS, DMK Engine Monitor

Tammy & I were able to install the Vesper Marine AIS (ship traffic) using a Splitter off of the VHF antenna on the top of the mast (52').  It also provides a FM antenna.  The DMK Engine Monitor now provides alternator voltage, both battery banks voltage, RPM, engine coolant and oil pressure to our on board wifi system, we can now see all this and the other ships name etc. on a moving map.  They can see us too, huge safety upgrade!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Cleaning, minor additions, and repairs.

Cleaned a hanging closet, full of extra line ( old halyards, etc. ) off of the boat, Tammy's loving the extra room.  Cleaned the fenders, they are white again.  Replaced the dock lines ( very worn ), configuring a spring line system.  Replaced with the newer TheWiriePro.  Reconnected and installed the 11A-GPS, see picture below, connected the gps to, now you can see the current boat track on the bottom of the blog ( look for the next trip).  Next installing the DMK Analog Engine Monitor AEM1, interface to the engine instruments.  Removed a bunch of extra items on the boat that will never be used here, just weight.  Rebuilt the head and replaced the joker valve.