Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BYC Cruise to Key Allegro Marina

This months cruise started out quicker with no long term maintenance issues.  It was a 6 hour cruise over and back; filled with wonderful sites, Dolphins, fishermen catching red drum, birds including white Pelicans, a light house, ships, towboats with barges, fog, etc.....  My wife got to see the entrance/exit to the Gulf of Mexico but still no time to head for the open water.  Very nice social on the host boat Bazinga, followed with pancake breakfast the next morning for those who survived the drinks the night before.  Dinner at Grog restaurant and bar, at Key Allegro Marina.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mast teak flooring

I modified the mast teak flooring to get them to fit.

Stack pack

For the past couple couple of weeks we have been converting our sail pack to a stack pack, saving us space and time when we sail.  We had to learn to use the Mercury sewing machine, which will need to visit the technician.  We removed the foot of the sail cover first.  The modifications were kept to a minimum by making straps to go under the foot of the sail, 7 common sense fasteners had to be turned around, on the sail pack.  We used 3/4 sched 40 PVC for the jack lines to hold up, giving it some nice lines. The boot around the mast needs to be snapped to the mast freeing up the whisker pole hardware.  The zipper slider / pulley system needs to be installed, along with a bottom zipper stop, but for now it's installed and working!

Also I sewed my blue jeans watch pocket down, hmmm.......