Monday, June 18, 2012


Daughter Amanda with Devin and Colin before their quick ride on S/V L&LL before their return to Colorado.

Sails up in port for pre-sail check.

So we spent some vacation trying out S/V L&LL, First Mate Tammy and I explored Clear Lake and the channel after the kids headed back to Colorado.

We anchored in Clear Lake to test out our book knowledge of anchoring, whew it worked, while we made friends rather quickly with a motorboat headed straight for us and he signaled the oncoming waves with a California hello......Hidy-ho, neighbor!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Trailer Sailing aka Driving.

So Tammy and I finally got a trailer built and moved the S/V Living and Loving Life to Kemah, TX. 

After 12 days to build the trailer and pick it up in Kemah; we drove to Corpus Christi, TX and had it lifted onto the trailer.  The trailer had to be fit to match the Hunter 25.  After a power wash and scraping the barnacles off, we lowered the mast and strapped it down for the ride to Kemah.  That was the first time we saw her out of the water and 3' 11" draft is tall; I don't think the 14' tongue extension is going to allow us to float it off the water line is up to the roof of the truck.  Driving the H25 was no problem except for the truck having a cam sensor go out.  We parked the boat at Seabrook Shipyard for the lift out the next day.  Just to hold true to the whole trip, they rushed us just like the city lift did.  We didn't get the mast up until we got into the water.  Thanks to Tammy Conklin and Dean Calkins, his expertise, and their muscle raising the mast was accomplished.  Then I asked Dean to skipper it across to the Portofino Harbour Marina.  He cranked up the motor and brought her up to speed and I asked if this was too fast, and Dean promptly replied "No, you have to have steerage..." with a chuckle; what a newbie I am!  I learned many items every step of the way, from the trailing, mast lowering/raising to even running the Hunter 25 with a motor.

Much appreciation to everyone involved for showing me and helping me with this undertaking!  It's fantastic to have friends!

So, the Hunter 25 is in Kemah, TX.  Now Tammy and I have to apply our ASA Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification and SAIL!