Friday, March 27, 2015

BYC / MORF White Hat Rum Race

Well we picked up a bottle of rum for perseverance.  We found our centerboard line was backwards.  We ripped our jib.  We had fun while learning to make the boat go, just not very fast.  We didn't come in last because another boat did not show and another boat did not finish.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I bought Ritchie Compass Fluid for my Globemaster SP-5 Ritchie Binnacle-Mount Compass, to no avail had to ship it back.  They replaced it for half the price.  It sure is looking good, oh and it points North too!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wind anerometer, aka wind vane.

The old wind vane froze, so no wind direction.  Paul climbed the mast to pull off and see what was causing us to not be able to use the jib sail.  Well the frozen wind vane is still in the marina about 7 foot down.  So I climbed the mast 3 more times because the used one I bought didn't work, hmmmm....  The next one worked but the direction was reversed so the wires are switched somewhere, but now there also switched on the instrument down below.  The DMK Yacht box now hooks up to the onboard wifi and displays all Seatalk information to the iPad/iPhone's, so now we have a moving map (INavx) and boat knowledge going to fancy apps such as iRegatta and NKE for upcoming racing series BYC /MORF White Hat Rum Races, Tammy and I should learn a lot about our Tartan 37C.  Still need more crew though, volunteers?

I filed down the aluminum structure on the roller furling that was cutting the halyard, cut off the halyard, and put some pvc on to prevent this from happening again.


All 7 winches were taken apart and cleaned.  Ken showed me how to disassemble and grease/oil the gears and pawls!  And we were only up till midnight working on them.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Skipper Tammy

Tammy has twice now docked her Tartan 37 "S/V Living and Loving Life".  She brought it into the slip with the correct power settings producing the speed; in which if stuff&)@@ happened; she would hit dock, and we would all survive, yacht inclusive!  Sweet!  So I guess her goofing off smoking a cigar while I climb to great heights and work, we will ignore for now.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dinghy cleaning

Her dinghy was left in the water too long and so it had too be cleaned......

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Roller furling repair & Anorometer replacement.

A friend climb the mast with the ATN climber, to remove the masthead anorometer, which displays the wind speed and direction.  It got caught while letting it down and bounced off the boat into the water.  Hmmm.....  So I bought another from the resale shop it didn't work, so got another it works; haven't been able to set the direction yet because of the cold weather.  So 4 trips up the mast, not my idea of fun!  We were also trying to figure out why the rolling furling gets caught. The upper aluminum structure was broke and cutting the halyard, whew I'm glad I figured this out.  Cleaned up the aluminum so it won't cut the halyard and stick.