Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dolphins in the harbor.

Dolphins on our poop pump out run!
Tammy was a great skipper this morning, I didn't close my eyes once!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Corpus Christi Bay is cold.

Went sailing with our friends.

Kerry and I.

The sail is full.


Carli and Darbi.

Water is beautiful!

Joseph and Kerry



Joseph and Darbi.



Nevenka's cold.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 3 L&LL move Corpus Christi

 About 10:00 pm the fog set in with a quarter mile visibility, with lights going by every three hours or so.  Just before my shift was over I smoked an El Cubano turning around seeing a phosphorous trail through the water from protozoa plankton, awesome!  The next thing we saw and heard were the jetties at Port Aransas.  Still the fog only allowed small visibility.  Cruising across Corpus Christi Bay was very nice and peaceful, allowing some coffee brewed and some well needed naps.  Cruising into Corpus Christi every so often I could see the tops of the buildings over the fog.  We arrived with an awaiting shore party, so we could see in Tammy's eyes she wished she could have been onboard as well....but someone has to!


Still foggy

Corpus Christi, TX


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 2 L&LL move Corpus Christi

Woke up at 5:00 am after crashing at midnight, looking at the water in the bilge, no water woohoo!  We now have a problem with the charging system, Aaron (MacGyver) Oldham formally known as Garland suggested we just disconnect the alternator charging cable because it appears the regulator is overloading the batteries, another woohoo!!!  And he suggests we just take the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW).  Then Michael Clark our sailing expert, instructor, and friend suggests we can then anchor at Matagorda and continue the next day reaching Corpus Christi.  What an great CREW I have, reducing the cost to what was originally planned, with only one extra day which was a weather day anyway!

We have a swing-bridge to go through and a couple of locks.  Through the first lock at the Brazos River we were taking on water again, hmm?  So I'm diving through all lockers looking for a hole, then I get to the Captain's seat and open the lazaret, oh my he has a large leak the though the rudder post or bidet installed; with the current in the lock rapids!  Once again after a short period of time MacGyver asks if we have a sandwich baggy, a tie wrap, and some friction tape.  I've got a the first two but no friction tape only a bunch of rolls of duct tape, that will do he states.  Michael grabs all and seals the boat once again, now we've got it!  Then my crew asks if we can go out the Colorado River back into the Gulf of Mexico and sail overnight, yes we can!

We met up with the three little pigs as we passed down the Colorado River.

As we made our way into the Gulf we hit 10 foot waves, and the Tartan 37 moves great through the waves, not slamming down on the other side.  We fished using a Cruiser's Meat Line from Charlie's Charts, no luck though.

Redneck Fighting chair

Three Little Pigs