Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#326 Xenon Floating Electric Water Light

So all this needed was a fresh battery and a good cleaning.  This emergency light is a throwable in case of man overboard or woman overboard.  It is really bright too, now where did the world go.....

Monday, March 24, 2014


Replaced all bulbs on the lower half of the boat with LED's. gave me a 10% discount for my "TARTAN" 37, that's the code on quotes he said it work for a month try it and see! Now, I'm sending the light(pun hint hint) member of the crew up to get the Trinav, Anchor, and Steaming light replaced with LED's. Wow what a difference!

The cool white in the foreground from is nicer looking than the DR Led in the back.
Hmmm spares....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vernal Equinox Cruise

We sailed across Corpus Christi Bay to anchor in Ingleside Cove Anchorage.  Finally got Tammy's attention only after the dolphins left our vicinity, we think the momma was teaching the two babies to fish.  Then dinghied into Bahia Marina at Ingleside to hangout and have dinner with other Bay Yacht Club members. Got to see a demonstration of a Ham radio on S/V Remembrance, talking to Nebraska.  Met lots of members, now the remembering of names begin....hmmm or not!  Hamburgers were good!  Lots of conversation, what fun!  Enjoyed dinghying back in dark and running aground just once.  Heard a boat motor come up, woke up and saw they were fishing in the fog, so we did too.  No fish were harmed in this mornings incident!  Took our Commodores advice on the 2 coffee aweighing anchor and it went well.  Motored down La Quinta Channel to Corpus Christi Channel seeing dolphins at the junction.  Then the 27 knot winds, rain and three foot waves on the way back.  I motored halfway then Tammy motored the rest.  She saw dolphins, while she commanded, in our bow wave.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Corpus Christi Marina to Ingleside Cove Anchorage

Headed out about 8:00am for a sail to Ingleside Cove Anchorage...this is my first long trip in our sailboat Living and Loving Life...very excited...of course dolphins saw us safely off out of Corpus Christy Marina...launched head sail for awhile...heading across the bay enjoying dolphins, pelicans, and other birds...amazed at the big ships in the ship channel...saw fellow sailors heading to Ingleside Cove as well...cross ship channel and entered Cove at 3:18 pm and of course dolphins were there to meet us...successfully anchored and while Chris watched to make sure we we're secure I enjoyed viewing dolphins swimming, jumping and playing all around our boat...took a lot of videos but reduced it down to a few to post on FB...finally settled in for pizza just lazing around getting ready to dingy over it Ingleside to meet up with Bay Yacht Club members for a gathering...staying the night on the hook...always sleep great...will head back to Corpus Christi in the morning...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heat pump hose leaking.

I tried to skip doing this for awhile but the admiral got on her hands & knees and took off the hose clamps, then asked me to remove it.  We will go get the part this morning.  So I did and after buying the hose, I found myself shopping for her a dress, now I know the enthusiasm!

Old hose removed.

New one installed.  It was only $9.05, oh I forgot about the dresses......

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bilge Float Switch

Well I am sure I got every penny I could out of my bilge float switch, it quit.  So purchased another and started installing, the bilge hose broke and then the hose for the heat pump broke, hmmm I guess it was time for those too.  Fixed the bilge hose and I will have to replace the other, so tightened the hose clamp to the less leaky setting, maybe tomorrow.

I did however move the float switch to remove the water before the bilge gets full now, awesome!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Batteries get off my boat now!

 I mentioned before during the trip over to Corpus Christi, TX the batteries overheated, expanding in their current position, and with a brace above the two that were together; I employed the help of the main halyard, I was able to lift the two batteries up to the brace and break the plastic between them apart, prying each out of their nesting spot.  Replaced with new flooded batteries after getting a deal from Interstate Batteries (Thanks!).  Setup and tested the shore charger nothing broke here!  Set and tested Next Step Regulator, Ample 124 amp alternator and Link 10 monitor nothing broke here.  It looks like the batteries had a short in a cell and the alternator drove them to overheat and expand, occupying the limited space in the trays.  Lucky no fires or explosions.........Just one sick crew member...sorry MacGyver!

Third house batteries came out first and out easy.

First and Second house batteries melted together.

Cranking battery came out easy.
Three AGM batteries removed.




Empty trays.
Empty trays.
New House and Cranking Marine Flooded Batteries

Cranking and First House batteries installed.
House Second and Third batteries installed, Woo Hoo!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Steve's birthday!

We have become attached to this Tartan 37, no matter the name!  We are learning to care for her and very slowly understanding the systems; for future safe voyages.  She showed me no matter the issue, just work around it and move on, she will bring us safely through!  We are very honored to have become her caretaker, Thanks Steve!  We wish you a Happy Birthday!

Chris & Tammy Edwards
S/V Living and Loving Life

Captain Steve

Smooth sailing!

Corpus Christi Bay

Saturday, March 1, 2014