Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Learning the safety features of the marina!

I am washing my Hunter 25 and slip (while wearing Teva's and not my boat shoes) falling down the side of my boat hitting my leg then fall onto the concrete finger pier then into the marina.  My leg felt as if it were broken but just feels like it and looks like it, thank goodness.  Tammy was startled and suggested that I swim over to the ladder to get out, since I couldn't pull myself up and she couldn't either.  I took my iPhone, wallet, GMC key fob out of my pockets, while my lifeproof case came open and drowned my iPhone.  Swimming to the ladder took three tries before learning how to use it, which all I had to do was pull on it and it slowly slides into the water then walk up the ladder.  Someone walked by just glancing at me.

Lessons:  I think next time I will go ask, if I see someone in the water if they are ok.  I will definitely learn how to use any other safety features I see, before the need arises.  The old saying 'be careful out there' is pointing at me.........ouch!  Key fob still good and opening my car doors, but not my expensive iPhone; has technology gone backwards?  Oh yeah, that's the bottom part of my thigh.

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